The consular service department provides a broad range of services to our customers, safeguarding the interest of Afghanistan, as well as the rights of Afghan nationals and Afghan Germans.

Ms. Frozan Nawabi

Supervision Consulate
Mr. S. Zahir Shah Akbari

Visa Services
Mr. Abdul Rahim Esmat

Legal Services
Mr. Abdul Momin Mashal


The political department advocates the Government of Afghanistan’s (GoA) priority policy issues and keep Afghanistan in the political spotlight through effective public diplomacy.

Political Department
Mr. Naqibullah Shafiqzai


The economic, trade & investment department promotes economic and private sector development in Afghanistan or Germany.

Economic & Trade

Military Attaché

The military attaché advise on military matters, act as liaison between the German Army and the Afghan general headquarters and gather and disseminate intelligence.

Military Attaché
Mr. Colonel M. A. Hadi Ansari

Commercial Attaché

The commercial attaché represent the commercial interests of the GoA.

Commercial & Investment

Cultural Attaché

The cultural department supports the efforts of the Minister of Culture, Information, and Tourism to revitalize Afghanistan’s rich cultural heritage in order to boost the countries economy.

Cultural Department
Mr. Shafiullah Khawari


The administrative & financial department provides administrative, financial and technical support to all departments in order to ensure maximum productivity in support of the GoA policies.

Mr. Abdul Baset Karimi

Assistant to the Administration/Finance
Mr. Habibullah Ayubi


By serving on the front lines of diplomatic engagement, our protocol officers promote cross-cultural exchange and build new bridges of understanding between people and governments around the world.

Mr. Abdul Rahim Esmat

Public Relation/Press

The public relation department supports the public diplomacy program of an Embassy ensuring that the policies and rebuilding efforts of the GoA receives maximum media coverage and public attention.


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