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Additional personnel needed to deal with resurgent Taliban and continuing threat from Islamic State fighters

Wednesday May 17th, 2017

The international force that is helping the Afghans currently has 13,300 troops, 8,400 of whom are American. Afghan forces have taken heavy casualties over the last year as they have sought to hold off the Taliban and prevent them from capturing provincial capitals.

Leader of key panels show patiently with the military’s process for a new strategy that is needed in Afghanistan. It is not clear yet to what a solution would look like to the issue in Afghanistan. It is confirmed that Afghanistan has been asked for additional personnel to help deal with a resurgent Taliban and the continuing threat from Islamic State fighters.

The main question however: Will additional troops bring the solution?

In April, as many as a dozen militants stormed the largest army base in northern Afghanistan, killing at least 140 soldiers, many of them unarmed, in what was the largest Taliban attack on security forces since 2001.

Afghanistan’s security forces already struggle with a high attrition rate and recruitment problems. More than 6,700 soldiers and police were killed last year, a record high.

It is important that, in the effort in Afghanistan continue to build up the capacity of Afghanistan’s own security forces so that they can keep that country secure from the threat of terrorism, both ISIS and the Taliban.