Welcome to the Consular section of the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in Berlin. Please find all information on the visa application procedures here.

Please read carefully through the instructions, complete the form with the correct information, and send it to the Consular Office with all required documents. Certain – by mails sent documents such as applications are subject to be notarized.

The Consular Office is located in a separate building at the Intersection Kronberger Straße and Taunusstr, 14193 Berlin.

Tourist Visas are granted to visa applicants traveling to Afghanistan as their main destination for visits to meet family and friends. Any other commercial activities are not permissible on a tourist visa. Individuals intending to do business or to work in Afghanistan must apply for a business or an employment visa. Tourist visas are issued for a period of 3 to 6 months with a single entry.

The issuance of a visa usually takes up to fourteen (14) days. In exceptional circumstances – longer.


  • Request for an appointment.
  • Applicant’s Passport with a minimum of 6 months validity and one blank visa page.
  • Complete Visa Application Form, correctly and legibly.
  • One recent photo of the applicant. See Passport Photo Requirements here.
  • If visiting family or friends, please write a letter of introduction stating whom you intend to visit in Afghanistan, or a reliable official or duly registered entity in Afghanistan; or a letter from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Kabul to authorize the visit.
  • Evidence of Employment here in Germany
  • Utility bills or a bank statement as a proof of address here in Germany.
  • If tourism is the purpose of your visit, please state in detail the nature of your tour and places you intend to travel in Afghanistan.
  • The statement should also indicate that the applicant is aware of the risks involved in the journey and takes full responsibility of any liability arising during or as a result of the trip to Afghanistan.

Tourist visas are not extendable and non-convertible. All fees paid for the visa application are non-refundable irrespective of the outcome of the application. The validity of the visa begins from the issue date of the visa.

Download the Visa Application Form here (English)

Please follow the directions, complete the form with the correct information and return it to the Consular Office with the required attachment(s).


Visa for investment and business (commercial) purposes: Please apply for the Afghan Business Visa and provide the following documentation:

  • Work permit and business license.
  • Introduction letter or permission letter from government and other official, or official-related institutions, such as Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Chamber of Commerce, Public Private Partnerships, etc.
  • Documents providing the type of commercial activities.
  • Taxes and other financial documentations.
  • Address of the company.

For official visits, please provide a certified employment introduction-letter with all details of your purpose visiting Afghanistan. Send the verification of employment to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Afghanistan in Kabul, who then will send us a letter of authorization of visa.


Media personnel and journalists are required to provide an introduction letter stating the purpose, duration and places they intend to visit in Afghanistan. Please contact the Press Office/Directorate Media Relations at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Afghanistan.


Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Char-rah e Malik Asghar, Shah Mahmood Ghazi Wat
Kabul, Afghanistan.


If employment is the purpose of your visit – an official employment letter of introduction, government or NGO stating the purpose and duration of your trip will be required. Please also include any sponsorship information and a financial guarantee for expenses that will be incurred in Afghanistan. In individual cases, you may be required to provide additional documents.

If you are applying by mail, please include a prepaid, self-addressed return envelope (large enough for the return of your passport and documents). You may use certified or registered mail, or any other traceable mailing service or courier to ensure safety of your passport.

A notarized application is required for those who mail their documents or whose companies represent the applications.

The Consulate of Afghanistan in Berlin issues single and multiple entry visas for a specified period of time. Those wishing to stay longer in Afghanistan can apply to the Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Kabul for an extension of their visa. Please note that Tourist, Media and Business Entry visas are not extendable and non-convertible. All fees paid for the visa application are non-refundable. Applications that are incomplete and/or are missing necessary documentation and information will not be processed.


1 Month – Tourist Visa: Euro 80
1 Month – Single Entry Visa: Euro 100
1 Month – Media Visa: Euro 100

Express Service (Expedited 48 hour service): Additional Euro 100

Applicants should not pay visa fees until they have received their approval for their visa from the Consulate.

CONTACT CONSULATE – BERLIN تماس با بخش قونسلی – برلین

Kronberger Straße 5
14193 Berlin

Appointment: +49 (30) 20 67 35 – 18 شماره درخواست وقت ملاقات

Consul – Mr. S. Zahir Shah Akbari


Passport: +49 (30) 20 67 35 – 24


Visa: +49 (30) 20 67 35 – 15

Mr. Hamidullah Arman


Tazkira: +49 (30) 20 67 35 – 13

HOURS: اوقات کاری

General: عمومی
Monday – Thursday: 09:00 – 16:00 دوشنبه – پنجشنبه
(09:00 – 14:00 during Ramadan در جریان ماه رمضان)
Friday: Closed جمعه: بسته است

Consular Services: خدمات قونسلی
Monday – Thursday: 09:00 – 12:30 دوشنبه – پنجشنبه
(Documents Submission Time وقت تحویلی اسناد)
Monday – Thursday: 13:00 – 15:00 دوشنبه – پنجشنبه
(Documents Collection Time وقت تسلیمی اسناد)

Please note: Although the information on this website has been prepared with utmost care, regulations and requirements are subject to change.

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